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Genesis – It Begins


This is such an amazing book.  It contains history, legend, poetry, controversy, beauty, anger, righteousness, hope, destruction, potential gained and lost, science, genealogy, worship, abuse, faith, trust, love, forgiveness, structure, integrity, failure, success, the dirt, the grime, the filth, the overcomer, the promise, the hero, the enemy, the plan, and on and on and on.

It is such a wonderful beginning to such a majestic history.  In very simple and beautiful terms it explains and describes not only how our world came to be, but how we came to fall away, and how the plan for redemption begins.  It begins the story of how God chose 1 man, 1 family, 1 line of people as His own to not only bless, but to be a blessing to the rest of the world.

It is a book that not only shows the worst of mankind (and the worst punishment), but also some of the best.  How single individuals, standing in the face of sin, corruption, and “unjust” treatment can overcome to become the best that there is.  Literally becoming the gateway to mankind’s future.  Even more than that, that those same people are still just people.  Just because they are the few and the proud, does not mean that they are the infallible.  They don’t have to be perfect to be used by God.

In 2 days, this project begins in earnest, and i am extremely excited!  How about you?

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A Personal Copy

Deuteronomy 17:18-19 defines and sums up this project.

“Now it shall come about… he shall write for himself a copy of this law on a scroll… It shall be with him and he shall read it all the days of his life, that he may learn to fear the LORD his God…” (NASB)

Long before Saul became the first King of Israel, God instructed the future kings of Israel to write for themselves a copy of the law / scriptures.  Its purpose was to help them learn to fear the LORD… to understand His expectations and how to lead His people.

I am not a king of Israel, but after having read the Bible through from cover to cover more times than i could keep track of, i feel like i am hitting a rut.  I need to get a new picture and understanding of what God is saying… of what God is doing.  I need to better learn to “fear the LORD my God”.  It’s time to take things a step further.

Feel free to join me on this journey.  Understand that i’m not really doing this for you (the reader).  I’m doing this to take my understanding of the scriptures and my relationship with God to a new level.  I would love to bring you along on this trip.  I can guarantee that it will be fun, frustrating, exhausting, insightful, educational, and chances are controversial.  I can guarantee that there will be plenty of times when i know that i will just want to give up.  I can also guarantee that if we allow Him to, God will show up in the process.

The plan is to do one chapter a day starting January 1st, 2011.  There will be times when i will miss a day, or two, or six, or more, but i’m expecting / planning on that.  As such, i’m planning for this project to take three to four years to complete.  Yes, i said years.  If a person can read through the Bible in approximately 300 days by reading four chapters a day, it will definitely take three to four years to complete this project.

I look forward to this trip, and i can’t wait to get started.

Rev. John J. Camiolo Jr.

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