Genesis 4 – Legacy

It’s funny the legacy we give to our children.  It is both our legacy, and their own.

Cain had a problem with anger.  Not just anger, but anger leading to sin.  He was given the opportunity to turn himself around.  He had the option of how he was to respond to that anger.  Would he master it, or would he allow it to master him?  He chose the self-focused route.  He chose the “ME”.  It sounds familiar doesn’t it?  His parents did the same thing.  Now they are all experiencing the consequences of those actions, not only directly, but also indirectly through the actions of Cain.  Not only does the sin expound, but the curse expounds as well.

It’s funny how when i read the history, it is just that, history.  It is something i am outside of.  I am an observer seeing and hearing from a distance.  When i am writing it out…  When i am copying it for myself, it becomes more.  It begins to have a life.  The names and events aren’t just names and events.  They are situations and lives.  They are people.  The experience goes from something i observe, to something i am a part of, and that is a part of me.  It becomes an experience rather than an event.

Generations go by.  Lamech comes on the scene, and that history… that legacy continues.  That anger comes to light once again.  We don’t know the details of this situation, but we know that according to Lamech, the other guy struck first.  In the end, Lamech kills a man and a boy.  He embraces that legacy and it becomes a part of him.  It is no longer the curse of Cain, it is the curse of Lamech.  “If Cain is avenged sevenfold, then Lamech seventy-sevenfold”

So, is it a lost cause?  Is the legacy an unavoidable detriment to the line of Adam?  The chapter ends with the answer.  “No!”  That line and legacy continues unmastered, but God gives Adam and Eve a new son.  Seth is a new beginning.  A chance for a new legacy.  What legacy am i continuing, or giving to my children?  Am i embracing the past, or giving hope to the future.

Lord, help me to give the gift of blessing as a legacy to my children and grandchildren for generations to come.  Amen.

John Camiolo

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