Genesis 5 – Family

I figured that this chapter would be long, monotonous, and boring, but surprisingly i breezed right through it.

There’s not really too much to say about Genesis 5.  It is mainly genealogically focused with a few exceptions.  One thing i did note as i went through this chapter is definition.  In this chapter, each generation is defined primarily by two things, their ages and their children.  (Name) lived # years and had (son).  (Name) lived # years after (son) was born and had other sons and daughters.  (Name)’s years were # and he died.  After more than a millennium what primarily defined each generation was their children.

Do we value our children the same way?  Are our children our greatest asset, or are they something that gets in the way of what we want?  If our children are our greatest asset do we act that way?  How much time and energy do we invest in them in comparison with our jobs, hobbies, relaxing?  Do we view our children as blessings from God or more mouths to feed?  It’s funny how much differently our culture views children than it did 100+ years ago.

I would be remiss  to pass on noting the difference in one man.  Enoch was defined by his children, but more than that he was defined by the fact that he walked with God.  Since the garden of Eden, no one had been known to speak with God, let alone to walk with Him.  Yet here Enoch is, defying all that has come before and doing what all others would call impossible.  Do we have the same attitude …the same tenacity?  Are we satisfied with hearing stories about God and what God has done, or are we seeking Him, desiring nothing less than walking with Him daily?


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