Genesis 6 – Redemption

“According to all that God had commanded him, so he did”  It’s quite the contrast between Noah and … well, everyone else.

Noah walked with God.  In all that line of genealogy that defines Genesis 5, only one other man (besides pre-fall Adam) walked with God.  That was Noah’s great grandfather.  All of the world was falling apart.  The people were consuming themselves with their own desires.  The men of the line of Seth… those of the holy legacy, were intermarrying with the women of the corrupted legacy.  The corrupt were corrupting the holy, and the legacy of the righteous were failing.  Men did not know God, neither did they care to.  All that God had built was being corrupted.  There was little left.

Noah, however, was the exception to the rule.  He walked with God and was righteous in His sight. “Noah was blameless in his time.”  That’s a pretty big feat, even bigger when you consider his surroundings.  It is difficult to be blameless when everyone else around you is not.

As i copied out this chapter, i found that it was easy to focus on the negative.  I already know what God is going to do, and it’s hard not to focus on the corruption.  However, in going through the chapter i found more and more of the focus was not so much on the corruption as on the redemption.  What we are doing wrong is nothing compared to what is done right.  This chapter is not on the corruption, it is on the redemption.  It’s not that the world is falling apart and is coming to destruction.  It’s that in the midst of that corruption… Noah.  What do we look at?  Do we tend to focus on the bad, or on the good?  What does God call us to do?

John Camiolo

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