Chapter 22 – Take 1

Well, it was bound to happen.  It’s what happens when you get up really early, are too tired, and attempt to do a project of this detail and magnitude.  I went through, finished my chapter itself.  I went back to fill in the spaces with the names of God, and i realized that somehow i completely missed verses seven and eight.  This is where Isaac questioned Abraham about the offering and Abraham told him that God would provide.

So tomorrow i’m going to have to go back through and either redo the section, redo the entire chapter, or redo the entire page.  That’s one of the problems with handwriting something.  If you make a mistake, you can’t just undo and redo.  You have to fix it, adjust to it, or start the page over from scratch.  It kind of forces you to re-think how you do things.  It requires that you think through what you want to say before you start saying it, lest you make a mistake and have to deal with the consequences of it.  That part of the process is definitely a positive and a negative.

O.K.  Tomorrow we start this chapter over again, and possibly do chapter 23 as well.  We’ll see.


John Camiolo Jr.

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