Genesis 31-1 – Exodus

As i was working on the first part of chapter 31 this morning i began to realize just how parallel the concept of this chapter was to the process of Israel’s exodus from Egypt.  Let’s compare them:

First Egypt:

  • The people of Israel started out as friends / allies to the Egyptians.
  • God blessed Israel and they multiplied greatly.
  • What started as friendship / allies turned to animosity.
  • The Israelites were treated as slaves by the Egyptians.
  • God spoke to Moses telling him to bring the people out of Egypt.
  • They left Egypt to return to the promised land (Canaan).
  • When they left Egypt, they were chased off by the Egyptians who wanted them back or dead.
  • Before they left Egypt they found favor in the sight of the Egyptian people and were given all kinds of treasures, thus ransacking the Egyptians.
  • Israel stopped at Mt. Sinai to meet with God.

Exodus from Laban:

  • Jacob started out as friends / family to Laban.
  • God blessed Jacob and he multiplied greatly with wives and children and blessings.
  • What started as friendship turned to animosity.
  • Jacob was treated as a servant by Laban with many years of hard work and no pay.
  • God spoke to Jacob telling him to bring his family out of that land.
  • They left Laban to return to Jacob’s home land (Canaan).
  • When they left, they were chased down by Laban who wanted them back or possibly to do  Jacob harm.
  • Before they left, Jacob found favor in the sight of Laban and was paid for his work by getting some of the sheep and goats.  God blessed him and he gained all kinds of wealth and treasure thus ransacking Laban.
  • As we will see in Chapter 32 God will meet with Jacob on his way back to the land of Canaan.

Obviously, there are some major differences between the history of Jacob (to later be named Israel) and Laban, and that of Israel’s (the nation) exodus from Egypt to Canaan.  However, this is the first time i have noticed the similarities, and i find them to be quite coincidental.  Of course if you don’t know by now, you will hear it again and again.  I don’t believe in coincidence.

So how about you?  Have you ever noticed these parallels?

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One response to “Genesis 31-1 – Exodus

  1. Nice comparison. And no, I’ve never noticed the parallels before. Very interesting.

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