Genesis 31-2 – Confrontation

It has all come to a head!  “In this corner Laban, the father of Leah & Rachael and the previous owner of much that Jacob has!  He is a lifelong member of the community with a family history that backs his name!

“In this other corner is the young upstart Jacob!  He has come into Laban’s household seeking a bride, and after some trickery on Laban’s part and contention among sisters, he comes away with not 1 but 4 wives from Laban’s household!  Now that ladies and gentlemen is a handful that has in turn given him a quiver full of little ones!  This young Jacob has clearly been blessed by God!

“Laban throws the first punch.  He has started by chasing Jacob down with a mob.  This ladies and gentlemen will be a representative of our judges.  Now he’s accusing Jacob of stealing!  This could get ugly, but Jacob is just rolling with the punches.  He’s allowing Laban to go through all of his belongings and has promised that if anyone has stolen from Laban that person will be killed!

Laban continues his search going through Jacob’s stuff, and then Leah’s and the maid’s.  He hasn’t found what he’s looking for and he’s clearly getting frustrated.  He comes to Rachael’s tent and she does a little 1-2 bob and weave to avoid getting caught with the goods.  This little lady has definitely gotten the best of her old man.

The search is over and Jacob counters with a powerhouse 1-2 punch.  He accuses Laban of trying to cheat HIM!  Jacob lists off all that is his that he has rightfully earned at Laban’s hands.  He lists off the wives and years of toil.  He’s adding in a jab or two about his wages constantly being changed.  The judges are clearly eating this up.  This, ladies and gentlemen, is one of the best defense turned offense’s i have seen in a very long time!  Jacob is laying it all out, and is clearly cleaning up this match.  It’s about over folks, but let’s see if Laban can make a come back.

Laban stands back up after that brutal beating and tries to build up a defense.  He tries to jab in that all that Jacob owns is and was his.  Nobody’s buying this one, and you can see the scorn on the judges faces for this clearly unfounded battle.

WAIT!  There it is!  Jacob has thrown up the white flag!  He, the man who started the fight in the first place, is asking for a truce.  He has clearly been boosticated, and is now trying to come out with some sort of dignity.  Will Jacob accept?  YES!  The truce has been accepted, and the fighters will go their separate ways in peace!  This, ladies and gentlemen, has been a fight for the ages!

If someone makes an accusation about your actions, will they speak as a shining example of Christ?


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