Exodus – Conclusion

After going through Exodus like this; i’ve come to understand it a little bit better.  Exodus is more than just about YHWH bringing his people out of Egypt and rescuing them from Pharaoh.  It’s more than about bringing them through the wilderness to Mount Sinai.  It’s even more than about bringing the people of Israel face-to-face with God.  The conclusion that i’ve come to is that Exodus is about fulfilling a promise and it’s about giving the people true worship.

YHWH had made a promise to Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob about their descendants; that he would make their descendants a great nation and that he would bring them out of Egypt.  This is the beginning of the fulfillment of that promise.  The people of Israel have become vast in number, yet they have turned against each other.  In fact, they have united against Egypt and become a unified nation in spite of being 12 separate tribes.  YHWH has led them out of Egypt and brought them to Himself.  He made promises to Moses and to the people as well, and is fulfilling them.

What is worship, and what place does it have in our lives?  The only understanding of God that the people of Israel had was that He was the God of their fathers, and what limited experience and information had been passed down through the generations.  The people knew that there was a God of their fathers, but they had no understanding of who He was / is and what His purpose was for them.  There was a need and a desire for God.  There was a drive to know and worship Him.  There was a pursuit of God, but there was no fulfillment.  That, i believe, was YHWH’s greatest gift to the people of Israel in the book of Exodus.  Not the parting of the Red Sea… not water from a rock… not manna… not the destruction of Egypt… not even freedom from slavery or the unification of a nation.  No, the greatest gift that YHWH gave to the Israelites in Exodus, was the ability to worship Him.  It was the fulfillment of their need and purpose.  That’s the true jewel of the book of Exodus.


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2 responses to “Exodus – Conclusion

  1. the word of me

    Hello Reverend,

    What do you think of Ze’ev Herzogs research on the Exodus and his conclusion that it is a lie…it never happened. There is, he says, no archaeological evidence whatsoever that as many as 1 million Hebrews plodded through the Sinai for “40 years” He also maintains that Joshua never fought the battle of Jericho, Ai and the other cities said to be conquered by him.

    I believe that he thinks the Pentateuch was written around the time of the Hebrew exile in Babylon.

    Very curious about this as Mr. Herzog is a Israeli citizen, archaeologists, and directer of a prestigious museum in Israel.

  2. I think that archeology is an every growing “science”. It is a study of bits and broken pieces of small flashes of a history. I believe that archeologists work very hard to take these bits and broke pieces of flashes of history and use them to explain and define bigger pictures. Sometimes there are enough pieces to put together a semi-accurate picture of life thousands of years ago, and archeologists stake their lives and careers on this information whether accurate or not, but often a generation or less passes and more evidence shows up “proving” that what was believed to be “fact” (or as close to “fact” as could be discovered) was nothing more than a poorly made educated guess.

    For instance, it was once believed by many archeologists that what we consider the Old Testament scripture was written a couple of hundred years before Christ’s birth. Then the dead sea scrolls were found, and that theory had to be readjusted.

    There was/is even a theory that there was no written Hebrew language until around the time of the Babylonian capture. However, in late 2008 / early 2009 a pottery fragment showed a 3000 year old Hebrew script, far predating any previous finds and “proving” that there was Hebrew writing long before the Babylonian exile.

    As for Ze’ev Herzog claims, i have not read any of his research or studies, and at this point i’m not really that interested in it. Nay Sayers are a dime a dozen. Some have legitimate arguments; most have been proven wrong generations ago yet they still persist in spite of that proof.

    Ultimately, Mr. Herzog’s research, from what little you have mentioned, sounds like it fits in with one of those “persistent” theories that talks about how the “O.T.” scriptures were written likely by a single author during the Babylonian / Persian subjugation period. However, there is an obvious fallacy in this view in that the O.T. scriptures are so diverse in style, tone, and character that it is impossible to have been written by one person… or even by a small group of people working together. Some have even argued that there is no way that the book of Isaiah could have even been written by a single person.

    However, as i said, this is an argument that i’m really not all that interested in pursuing. I come at the scripture with the understanding that it is exactly what it says it is. There is no “profound” or “undeniable” proof that it is not, and the older i get, the more personal experience tells me that there can be no other or better explanation.

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