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Genesis 9 – New

All things new.  It is a new land.  It is a new lineage.  It is a new life.  It is a new way of doing things.  It is new consequences.  It is a new covenant.  It is new purpose, hope, direction, foods, reactions, direction, and sin.  All things are new, but not all sins are gone.  The flood wiped away the old generations with their old sins and anger, but sin is still sin, and just because the old cancer was wiped out doesn’t mean that a new disease can’t arise.

I think that it’s interesting that after the flood, God changed the way that human beings both ate food and related to animals.  Imagine a world where animals had no fear of you.  All you had to do was call to them and they would come.  Not only that, but they had no reason to fear.  If you had the choice, would you rather not be able to have any meat of any kind and all the animals come at your beck, or would you rather be able to eat meat and the animals fear you?

I don’t know.  I would love to have the animals come at my beck and be able to not worry about what they did.  Then again, i really like my meat.  So it’s kind of a toss up on that one.  Not only is the food and animal system different, but so is the rest of the world around the them.  As a result there are new rules and a whole new covenant between God and the entirety of His world.  There is a new promise to never flood the earth with water again, complete with a new sign of that promise.

God still does new things in our lives even today.  He reaches out to us in new ways.  He helps us to see things in a new light.  He gives us new life, new hope, new strengths, new direction, new peace, new faith.  He helps us to see and understand who He is and how we are to respond to Him.  Yet He never changes!

What new thing is God doing in your life today?  Are we willing to allow Him to teach us and change us into new men/women, or are we too comfortable in what we have done and are doing right now to let Him make the changes necessary in our lives?  Are we too busy holding onto the old rules and ways of doing things to be willing to accept those changes?

Rev. John C.

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