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Matthew 26 – 1 – Preparation (Last Supper)

Well, I’m a few days further behind on my writing than on my copying.  I’m actually in Matthew 27 today in my copy work, but I’m writing about the beginning of Matthew 26.

Time seems to be speeding up here.  Final preparations are being made.  Jesus is where He often seems to be.  He is with His flock; at the home of Simon the leper.  A woman comes and pours out over his head a vial of very costly perfume.  This is so very significant in so many ways.  This kind of vial of perfume is often used as a life savings.  When a person has extra money that he / she wants to save long term (for when they are old / retired) they would invest it in perfumes and burying spices.  It held it’s value well, and was less likely to be stolen than Roman coin.  When this woman pours this perfume / burial incense & spices out on Jesus, she is giving up her best, her future for Him.  She is preparing Him for burial, and trusting God to provide for her future.  This is a huge sacrifice on her part, and everyone knows it.  Thus what she has done is remembered.

Next we see Judas preparing as well.  The Passover meal is coming, and he goes to the chief priests to sell out his master.  He takes the silver, and provides the direction to allow the leaders to take out their wrath through the destruction of something beautiful.

Finally, we come to an extremely important event.  One that is celebrated at least monthly in churches around the world.  The last supper and communion.  It’s funny that we use this official word “Communion” for this process.  What is communion?  Communion can be defined as: “The sharing or exchanging of intimate thoughts and feelings”.  It is two or more people coming together for a common purpose to share / celebrate together with one another.  It is a process of celebration, joy, hope, sharing, and intimacy.  When i think of taking part in communion at church, i do not think of celebration, joy, hope, sharing, or intimacy.  It is more like seriousness, melancholy, monotony, dividing up, and self-focus.  That’s not to say that it is those things, but that certainly is what it seems like at times.

This Last Supper is that final time that Jesus has to share and be in relationship with His disciples.  He knows that this is His last chance to just be able to relax and spend time with them.  Imagine what it would be like if you knew that your next meal would be the last meal you would spend with your family.  The last chance you had to really BE with them, and enjoy their company.  Would you want it to be remembered as a stuffy occasion in which everyone passes around little tiny crackers and little tiny cups of juice and they sit there holding their little  tiny cups trying not to spill them and stain the carpet?  There are a whole lot of things that the church does really well, but I really think that we miss the target on this one.

Celebrate communion with someone today.


Rev. John J. Camiolo Jr.

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Genesis 5 – Family

I figured that this chapter would be long, monotonous, and boring, but surprisingly i breezed right through it.

There’s not really too much to say about Genesis 5.  It is mainly genealogically focused with a few exceptions.  One thing i did note as i went through this chapter is definition.  In this chapter, each generation is defined primarily by two things, their ages and their children.  (Name) lived # years and had (son).  (Name) lived # years after (son) was born and had other sons and daughters.  (Name)’s years were # and he died.  After more than a millennium what primarily defined each generation was their children.

Do we value our children the same way?  Are our children our greatest asset, or are they something that gets in the way of what we want?  If our children are our greatest asset do we act that way?  How much time and energy do we invest in them in comparison with our jobs, hobbies, relaxing?  Do we view our children as blessings from God or more mouths to feed?  It’s funny how much differently our culture views children than it did 100+ years ago.

I would be remiss  to pass on noting the difference in one man.  Enoch was defined by his children, but more than that he was defined by the fact that he walked with God.  Since the garden of Eden, no one had been known to speak with God, let alone to walk with Him.  Yet here Enoch is, defying all that has come before and doing what all others would call impossible.  Do we have the same attitude …the same tenacity?  Are we satisfied with hearing stories about God and what God has done, or are we seeking Him, desiring nothing less than walking with Him daily?


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