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Matthew 13 – Message

There was a young man who grew up in a simple, small town.  He left the small town, got his degree in engineering, and became famous for his simple, yet extremely effective designs.  Time and time again this man would take a complex situation and find a simple, elegant solution.  He went out to third world countries and helped the people find easy ways to find and build wells, design stable structures in earthquake prone countries that could withstand decades of major tremors,  contracted with NASA  to help design the next stages of the international space station.  His work was amazing, revolutionary, and had won him the Nobel Peace Prize.

One year his hometown, which was in a valley, was hit by really heavy rainfall and was in danger of being crushed by massive mudslides.  This young man came home and brought a plan to the town of how  to simply, effectively, and inexpensively redirect the mudslides away from the town in into an area that had been unsuitable for farming due to the nature of it’s ground and (lack of) soil.  This would have effectively rescued the town and produced all new usable land putting life and industry where there had been none.

The response from the leadership of the town and of the community was one of awe, but ultimately of rejection.  The plan wasn’t a bad plan.  It was a great one, but they wanted to rely on their own ways of doing it.  The town had been threatened numerous  times by mudslides.  One year part of the town had even been buried, but they would be alright.  They had always gotten through just fine.

Three months later, while he was doing some work in South America he got a message.  His hometown had been buried in a record breaking mudslide.  The entire town had been swept away with only a handful of survivors.

Do we fail to live out the message because we have heard it so many  times we have just stopped listening?  “A prophet is not without honor except in his hometown and in his own household.”  Those of us born and raised in the church, we have been born, bred, and raised on the Word of God.  Are we bearing fruit, or have we become too hard for God / YHWH to plant a new seed in?  Will we be consumed when the day of destruction comes, because we were of His household?


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