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Genesis 33 – Fizzled

So now it all comes to a head!  After all this worry and anxiety and stress and prepping and planning; we come to the moment of truth.  Jacob goes ahead and leaves the ladies and children to follow.  He falls at Esau’s feet, and fizzle.  There is no conflict.  There is no major issue, no battle, no defeat, no destruction, nothing.  There is only reconciliation as brother meets brother and the past seems to be nothing more than a passing fad.

Israel insists that Esau takes his gifts, Esau meets Jacob’s family, and they move on.  Israel settles in a separate part of Canaan buys some land and puts up his tent and some shelters for his animals.  He builds an alter and calls it God the God of Israel, or Mighty God of Israel.  Thus it ends.

Do we do the same thing?  Do we get ourselves worked up over nothing?  Do we hear God’s promises to us, then worry so much about what COULD happen that we lose out on the peace that God has promised us?  I know i do sometimes.  I also know that that is sin, it is a prideful mentality that we know and can prepare better for the problems that may come to us than God can or will.  In order to fully/best embrace the work God has for us, we must trust that He who makes the promises is willing and able to keep them.  End of story.

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