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Genesis 9 – New

All things new.  It is a new land.  It is a new lineage.  It is a new life.  It is a new way of doing things.  It is new consequences.  It is a new covenant.  It is new purpose, hope, direction, foods, reactions, direction, and sin.  All things are new, but not all sins are gone.  The flood wiped away the old generations with their old sins and anger, but sin is still sin, and just because the old cancer was wiped out doesn’t mean that a new disease can’t arise.

I think that it’s interesting that after the flood, God changed the way that human beings both ate food and related to animals.  Imagine a world where animals had no fear of you.  All you had to do was call to them and they would come.  Not only that, but they had no reason to fear.  If you had the choice, would you rather not be able to have any meat of any kind and all the animals come at your beck, or would you rather be able to eat meat and the animals fear you?

I don’t know.  I would love to have the animals come at my beck and be able to not worry about what they did.  Then again, i really like my meat.  So it’s kind of a toss up on that one.  Not only is the food and animal system different, but so is the rest of the world around the them.  As a result there are new rules and a whole new covenant between God and the entirety of His world.  There is a new promise to never flood the earth with water again, complete with a new sign of that promise.

God still does new things in our lives even today.  He reaches out to us in new ways.  He helps us to see things in a new light.  He gives us new life, new hope, new strengths, new direction, new peace, new faith.  He helps us to see and understand who He is and how we are to respond to Him.  Yet He never changes!

What new thing is God doing in your life today?  Are we willing to allow Him to teach us and change us into new men/women, or are we too comfortable in what we have done and are doing right now to let Him make the changes necessary in our lives?  Are we too busy holding onto the old rules and ways of doing things to be willing to accept those changes?

Rev. John C.

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Genesis 8 – Waiting

Well, i’m just over a week into the process, and my first Pilot Varsity pen is getting low in ink.  It looks like i will be going through a whole lot of pens for this project.  Today was the shortest chapter i have had so far, yet it felt like one of the longest.  I think that waking up at 5am to start this project may be starting to wear on me; as i was having a really hard time focusing (physically) on the pages.  My eyes just did not want to cooperate.  Overall though, so far so good.

Well, for those of you who were worried; Noah, his family, and the animals made it safely through the flood and are finally out and on dry land.  Woo hoo!  The chapter felt really long because of how much Noah did to make sure that the land was ready to support the animals.  It must have gotten really old sitting there in the ark waiting for everything to be ready to finally be able to leave.

One of the things that i noticed in going through this chapter today is one of the physical features of the ark itself.  All of the pictures and artist renderings of the ark that i have seen show the huge base with the upper area that looks like a longhouse along the top with windows all along it that would allow someone to see what was going on.  But that’s different from how the Bible describes it.  The Bible describes the ark as having only one window.  It also describes Noah removing the covering from the ark.  So the ark is this big huge boat with only one window and a covering, i would assume that it would have been similar in makeup and purpose as a huge tarp covering the top of the ark.

So for 5 months the ark was going through the flood and riding the waves before it finally rested on the mount of Ararat.  Four and a half months later, Noah removed the covering of the ark and the people could see that the  surface of the ground was dried up.  Almost another three months before they stepped out of the ark.  That was a long time to be cooped up in a boat.  I know i wouldn’t have liked that very much.  It must have been quite a relief to finally be out.

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Genesis 7 – Loss

Well, i know that God is working in me through this project.  I have said previously that by going through the Bible this way i am getting a much more intimate picture.  The lives and people become more personal.  The situations and lives have gone from stories of history, to a history of people.  Well, that has not been more clear than here in chapter 7.

I started today waking up with the song “Take Me In” by Kutless running through my head.  So i was singing it as i went down to the basement to start working on chapter 7.  I opened my Bible and journal, looked at vs. 1, and started crying. “Then the Lord said to Noah, ‘Enter the ark, you and all your household…”  I knew what was coming, and i just couldn’t handle it.

Now to put this into perspective; I remember where i was the day that the Oklahoma city bombing occurred.  I was at a friend’s house.  It was someone i hadn’t seen in years.  His mom turned on the TV, and it was all over the news.  My reaction was, “Oh great, that means that this is going to be  all over the news all day.”  Not a tear shed; more annoyance about the life interruption than anything else.  I didn’t understand why everyone was getting so worked up about things.  And sure enough the drama went on for days and weeks.

Then September 11, 2001 occurred.  I was in class working towards my Masters in Counseling when the news hit.  It seemed like all these people all around me were crying and upset.  The loss of life affected them, but not the same way as with me.  I was shocked and upset about what was happening, but i was more fascinated with seeing the whole event unfold.  I kept wanting to see before and after comparison pictures to see the extent of the damage.  The loss of human life was not as much of an issue for me.

Now with that background, i come into this chapter.  I’ve read this chapter more times than i can remember.  I’ve heard the story in Sunday School and classes even more than that.  It has always been just a story to me.  …A story with important historical and theological implications.  Today though, it was something completely different.  It was no longer just some story.  Those people, those lives, have become important.  Seeing all the energy, all the effort, all the work that has gone into these lives.  Not just the people, but the animals and the plant-life.  Those people have become my people.  It’s like i’ve watched them grow up.  I’ve seen their dreams, joys, failures, children, and grandchildren.  I’ve seen them live, love, lose, and find redemption.  I’ve been there as man loses his home and he comforts his wife.  I’ve seen children born, destroy their lives, and continue feeding that through the generations.  I’ve seen new hope born.  I’ve seen generation after generation consume themselves more and more with their anger and selfishness.

I understand WHY it needs to happen, but i’m crushed that it DOES.  “Then the Lord said to Noah, ‘Enter the ark, you and all your household…”  I knew what was coming, and i just couldn’t handle it.  How must it have been for Noah and his family?  How hard was it for them knowing that all that they knew and cared for was about to be destroyed.  How much more for God, who had created and cared so lovingly for.  This wasn’t just some trivial matter.  This was a necessary revulsion of all of the corruption  that was acting as a cancer that was destroying the world.  It was all the hard work and effort.  It was all the hope dreams and lives, gone.  I started crying.  (You can ask my wife, that’s not something that happens very often.)

Then it’s almost like my eyes were drawn straight down to verse 16 “Those that entered,… entered as God had commanded him; and the Lord closed it behind him.”  At that point the crying turned into weeping and i had to turn away.  This is something that God HAD to do personally.  He HAD to set it into motion Himself.  The work of His hands, the man created in His image, the birds, the cattle, even the creeping things, all of it.  A necessary and total loss… except for that one hope that floated along in that little boat.

It took me about 10 minutes and some serious toughing up to get to the point where i could pick up my pen and start writing.  Needless to say, this project is completely changing the way i view the scriptures, and the world around me.

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Genesis 6 – Redemption

“According to all that God had commanded him, so he did”  It’s quite the contrast between Noah and … well, everyone else.

Noah walked with God.  In all that line of genealogy that defines Genesis 5, only one other man (besides pre-fall Adam) walked with God.  That was Noah’s great grandfather.  All of the world was falling apart.  The people were consuming themselves with their own desires.  The men of the line of Seth… those of the holy legacy, were intermarrying with the women of the corrupted legacy.  The corrupt were corrupting the holy, and the legacy of the righteous were failing.  Men did not know God, neither did they care to.  All that God had built was being corrupted.  There was little left.

Noah, however, was the exception to the rule.  He walked with God and was righteous in His sight. “Noah was blameless in his time.”  That’s a pretty big feat, even bigger when you consider his surroundings.  It is difficult to be blameless when everyone else around you is not.

As i copied out this chapter, i found that it was easy to focus on the negative.  I already know what God is going to do, and it’s hard not to focus on the corruption.  However, in going through the chapter i found more and more of the focus was not so much on the corruption as on the redemption.  What we are doing wrong is nothing compared to what is done right.  This chapter is not on the corruption, it is on the redemption.  It’s not that the world is falling apart and is coming to destruction.  It’s that in the midst of that corruption… Noah.  What do we look at?  Do we tend to focus on the bad, or on the good?  What does God call us to do?

John Camiolo

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Genesis 5 – Family

I figured that this chapter would be long, monotonous, and boring, but surprisingly i breezed right through it.

There’s not really too much to say about Genesis 5.  It is mainly genealogically focused with a few exceptions.  One thing i did note as i went through this chapter is definition.  In this chapter, each generation is defined primarily by two things, their ages and their children.  (Name) lived # years and had (son).  (Name) lived # years after (son) was born and had other sons and daughters.  (Name)’s years were # and he died.  After more than a millennium what primarily defined each generation was their children.

Do we value our children the same way?  Are our children our greatest asset, or are they something that gets in the way of what we want?  If our children are our greatest asset do we act that way?  How much time and energy do we invest in them in comparison with our jobs, hobbies, relaxing?  Do we view our children as blessings from God or more mouths to feed?  It’s funny how much differently our culture views children than it did 100+ years ago.

I would be remiss  to pass on noting the difference in one man.  Enoch was defined by his children, but more than that he was defined by the fact that he walked with God.  Since the garden of Eden, no one had been known to speak with God, let alone to walk with Him.  Yet here Enoch is, defying all that has come before and doing what all others would call impossible.  Do we have the same attitude …the same tenacity?  Are we satisfied with hearing stories about God and what God has done, or are we seeking Him, desiring nothing less than walking with Him daily?


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