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Exodus 38 – Court of the King

So the tabernacle and all that it will contain has been made.  Now on to the court and the alter.  If i thought that the ark of the covenant was small, the alter is HUGE!  At 5 cubits long (~7 1/2 feet) and 5 cubits wide and 3 cubits (~4 1/2 feet) tall, this thing was not small at all.  But then again, when sacrifices included bulls, size does matter!

So the court of the tabernacle is underway with its pillars and linen hangings.  All around the tabernacle are these hangings of fine twisted linen connected to pillars of bronze with hooks of silver.  The entryway was to the east, to the rising sun, and the work of making all of the tabernacle and its tools of worship is finished.  All that’s left is the priestly garments, putting everything together, and… the results.

All of this came  together with structure and a plan.  It took time, and effort, and finances to make it happen.  It wasn’t just God doing it because it would be faster and easier for Him to do it Himself than to rely on humans to do it.  He gave us the work.  He gave us the plan.  He gave His people the desire to make it happen.  Do we have a structure and plan for our spiritual growth?  Are we willing to invest ourselves into that plan?  Are we willing to put our time, effort, and finances into loving God and loving others, or are we only willing to do the absolute minimum in order to get away with the least we can.  Are we giving our firstfruits or our leftovers?  Do we want to enter the court of the King, or are we satisfied with just passing it by and knowing that it’s there if we need it?

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Genesis 1 – Poetry

Wow, that took longer than i anticipated.  I had figured on average 1 hour for each chapter, with the first chapter of Genesis being a shorter one, partially due to my knowing it so well.  That was not really the case.  80-90 minutes later, and i am short on time.

Overall that was a good experience and a good start.  I had some fun with this chapter.  It is one of my favorite chapters in the Bible, along with chapters like Psalm 23 & 119, John 1 & 3, I Corinthians 13-14, Ephesians 6, etc.  I love the way that Genesis 1 is setup.  It is very poetic and structured.  You have an introduction and 6 days represented, but the first three days parallel the second three.  So you end up with a structure that looks like this

Day 1  –>  Day 4
Day 2  –> Day 5
Day 3  –> Day 6

So that is how i set it up in my personal copy.  After the introduction i divided the page and put the sections parallel, so they matched up.

I love this structure too because it seems as though every new day relies on what was created the days before.  Without light and heat, the water is nothing but cold and ice.  Without the light, heat, and water, the land is a dry desolate wasteland.  Without the land and plants, the light has no purpose and no direction.  So on, and so forth.

There is so much more i want to add, but i’m out of time for now.  See you all tomorrow, and blessings in the new year!

Rev. John

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