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Exodus 17 – Life

So now, the people go from the wilderness of Sin where there was no food, to Rephidim where there is no water.  So what do the people do?  No big surprise, they complain and quarrel with Moses about the lack of water.  How tiresome!  Then again, water is life.  If you had to go without water for an extended time period wouldn’t you be complaining too.  Then when you consider that they were in a dry wilderness, and you have every reason to be upset.

But, by now i would expect that the people would understand the correct way of handling the problem.  Bring it to Moses and to God, and wait for the miraculous provision.  What do they do instead?  They complain and quarrel.  What does God do?  He provides miraculously, of course!  That was a silly question.

In the meantime, all this racket, complaining, and water coming from rocks in desolate places has stirred up the natives like taking a broom to a beehive.  All of a sudden, the Israelites are face to face with angry Amalekites.  If you remember, Amalek was the grandson of Esau, Jacob’s older brother.  So this was family that was attacking them.  It is also the first time that the Israelite people would come face to face with war.  So Moses sends out Joshua to lead the battle, and he stands on the rock with his brother Aaron and with Hur.  Together they hold up Moses hands, and as long as Moses hands are raised, the Israelites defeat this people experienced in the ways of war.  So yet again, YHWH provides life for the people of Israel.

Moses builds an alter / memorial to the LORD there and calls it, YHWH-Nissi, or the LORD my Banner.  Is He your banner today?

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Exodus 16 – The Body

I’m beginning to understand more and more the qualities of a good pen.  I have gone through probably 5 different pens already.  Each of them has had a different work and feel to them.  I started out with a three pack of Pilot’s Varsities.  I had wanted to try out fountain pens for a while, but had never gotten around  to it.  They ran out of ink way too quickly, and the ink was so liquid that it would seep through the paper.  On the other hand, writing with them was scratchy yet smooth, and the writing was bold and vibrant.  That was a very good  thing.  Next i went on to an older gel pen that i had lying around.  It was not nearly as bold or vibrant, but overall the flow was smooth and not at all scratchy.  It was easy to write with, but the color definitely wasn’t strong enough.  When that ran out, i moved on to a decent quality ball point.  It was a bit more scratchy, the color was weaker, and writing with it was just a little bit more difficult, but overall it wasn’t overly uncomfortable to write with.

Now, I’m using what i can only describe as a cheap ball point pen that i picked up a while back.  The pen stock seems to be decent quality (it advertises a small college), but the ink and writing process is horrible.  At 32 i have hand and wrist problems that i suspect is from carpel tunnel ( i actually started noticing it at around 25).  Ultimately, the rough working of this pen is definitely irritating it.  The pen is not smooth at all.  It requires heavy pressure to get a good line, and it is not really comfortable at all.  I never really noticed just HOW different each pen is until i started on this project.

The Israelites had a different kind of body problem.  While mine has to do with pain while writing or typing, the Israelites problem stems from much more important bodily factors.  They were travelling through  the wilderness and had no (or very little) food  to eat.  How does a man like Moses go about feeding a million plus people?  The answer is that he can’t; so God has to do it.  So what does God do?  He provides them with bread from heaven.  The instructions are simple.  It shows up on the ground in the morning.  Each person gathers what he needs for himself and their family for the day, and at the end of the day it needs to be eaten up.  On the sixth day, gather enough for two days.  Such a simple concept, yet the people just can’t seem to get a grip of it.  Some try to hoard it.  Others leave leftovers for the next day.  Others don’t gather two days worth on the sixth day, and still others continue to complain.

It’s almost like this people have two things that they truly love; 1) complaining and 2) not listening.  God is providing for their physical needs, yet it still just doesn’t seem to be enough.  How about us?  How do we react when God doesn’t supply what we are looking for?

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Genesis 8 – Waiting

Well, i’m just over a week into the process, and my first Pilot Varsity pen is getting low in ink.  It looks like i will be going through a whole lot of pens for this project.  Today was the shortest chapter i have had so far, yet it felt like one of the longest.  I think that waking up at 5am to start this project may be starting to wear on me; as i was having a really hard time focusing (physically) on the pages.  My eyes just did not want to cooperate.  Overall though, so far so good.

Well, for those of you who were worried; Noah, his family, and the animals made it safely through the flood and are finally out and on dry land.  Woo hoo!  The chapter felt really long because of how much Noah did to make sure that the land was ready to support the animals.  It must have gotten really old sitting there in the ark waiting for everything to be ready to finally be able to leave.

One of the things that i noticed in going through this chapter today is one of the physical features of the ark itself.  All of the pictures and artist renderings of the ark that i have seen show the huge base with the upper area that looks like a longhouse along the top with windows all along it that would allow someone to see what was going on.  But that’s different from how the Bible describes it.  The Bible describes the ark as having only one window.  It also describes Noah removing the covering from the ark.  So the ark is this big huge boat with only one window and a covering, i would assume that it would have been similar in makeup and purpose as a huge tarp covering the top of the ark.

So for 5 months the ark was going through the flood and riding the waves before it finally rested on the mount of Ararat.  Four and a half months later, Noah removed the covering of the ark and the people could see that the  surface of the ground was dried up.  Almost another three months before they stepped out of the ark.  That was a long time to be cooped up in a boat.  I know i wouldn’t have liked that very much.  It must have been quite a relief to finally be out.

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